the quality of care and the efficiency of each procedure improves when using procedure packs.

sterile Single-use procedure packs

Our range of sterile single-use diagnostic kits, enables you to reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection, whilst increasing the efficiency of your dental surgery.
Simply open a new custom pack for each procedure, and you know you are using a completely new set of sterile instruments for each patient, free from the risk of cross infection or cross contamination.
Custom procedure packs contain everything needed for a procedure.

Designed help increase efficiency and reduce the down time preparing for a new procedure, procedure packs can reduce your costs therefore improving the profitability of the dental procedure.
Sterile single-use procedure packs also substantially reduce the risk of contamination, ensuring the best operating conditions.

Case Study:

Using Procedure Packs can assist healthcare providers to:
Reduce the time taken for each procedure, improve the quality of care, and cut costs.
Source: ABHI Case Study – Procedure Packs


Individual instrument kits can be included to your procedure packs creating a very flexible option.

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