"Single use medical equipment of quality design, CONSISTENTLY meeting clinical expectations." 



  • Sterile single-use
  • Sharp every time
  • ID and Trace-ability – each kit can be individually traced
  • Convenience
  • Matched quality of re-usable instrument


  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Improved infection control
  • Assists in reducing the risk of cross contamination


  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced sterilisation time
  • Reduced sterilisation requirements

Did you know......

"Sterile Single-use instruments reduce the risk of HAI's (Healthcare Associated Infections), including common surgical site infections, and cross-contamination during medical procedures.
Absolute guarantee that each examination will be performed with a completely clean and sterile instrument."

Do you know your costs?

With an average salary of $25ph your Steri -Nurse will cost you $150 for a 6hr shift.
If you see 6 patients a day, your instruments will cost you less than $25 per day.  

Diagnostic Kits

Designed to help reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection, whilst increasing the efficiency of your dental surgery.

Restorative Kits

Featuring sharp high quality stainless steel tips, with each kit packed individually, these kits arrive at your surgery, sterile and ready for use.

Procedure Packs

Simply open a new custom pack for each procedure, and you know are using a completely new set of sterile instruments for each patient.


Customise your procedure packs.    Save money today, by packing your own way.

Dispenser Boxes

With Sterile Single-Use instrument kits available in a dispenser box, this offers an efficient, organised and easy solution for storage and stock control.

Custom Procedure Packs

Using Procedure Packs can assist healthcare providers to: Reduce the time taken for each procedure, improve the quality of care, and cut costs.
Source: ABHI Case Study – Procedure Packs

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