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Helping dentists who are looking for ways to increase efficiency, cut costs and who are concerned about the safety, hygiene for each procedure, and each the care of each patient is our expertise.
Working with industry professionals and leaders, SUME is committed to bringing efficient and effective solutions to the healthcare profession and greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Because SUME isn’t just a tool, it’s not just a product, and we’re not just a supplier, we’re a brand!  And as a brand that means we’re a team: and once you’re a user of SUME instruments you become apart of that team.  

Once you’re on board with the SUME team, we do not only look after you, we also help take care of your patients as well.

“Where Safety, Hygiene and Patient care is most critical, SUME can give your clinic and your patients that guarantee.”


An efficient and sterile single-use instrument solution without compromise.


To increase efficiency and reduce risks in the dental and surgical profession through a sterile single-use solution without compromise.

Core Values

Our values at SUME are what govern and guide our behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other, and the way we serve our clients. These are our values:


Consistently demonstrate good character, fairness, decency, and understanding in dealing with all clients, business associates and each other.


Openness and transparency, dignity and respect.


Being faithful to those who depend on us.


  • Sterile single-use
  • Sharp every time
  • ID and Traceability – each kit can be individually traced
  • Convenience
  • Matched quality of re-usable instrument
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Improved infection control
  • Assists in reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced sterilisation time
  • Reduced sterilisation requirements

"The quality of reusable instruments is matched with sterile single-use instruments."


Choose what best suits your practice.  Individual examination kits can be included in the procedure packs, creating a very flexible option.     

Certification & Approval

All products are certified to CE, FDA & TGA certification and ISO Standards

Dispenser Boxes

Dispenser boxes offer a practical and effective solution for storage and organisation of the single use kits, with each kit sealed for better sterilisation.

Tractability & ID

Each instrument/kit has its own product code, with a unique batch number.

"Surgery delays and the risk of infection and cross contamination are reduced through the use of Sterile Single-Use instruments."

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